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Fundraising Information

How it works...

We offer two different fundraising styles: 


Traditional Fundraising: Members of your organization take the provided sales sheet and order form to their friends and family members and let them pre-order items. Once we have received your full order from all members and payment, we will then have a three-week turn around to get the items back to you for dispersal. If you were to choose to use the Traditional (1) Style, we would split your sales amount 50/50. The only cost you will incur, is an $.08 charge per bag for its label, which can be customized for your organization. This label cost is deducted from your portion of the sales. 


Concession-Style Fundraising: Your organization purchases the prepackaged bags from us, and then resells them at local events/concessions at your own price-point. This option  also includes vanilla popcorn that can be colored to match your specific colors.



If you had 100 members in your organization, and only half of them just sold 20 bags each of the least expensive item ($5), the total sales would be $5,000 which we would then split, making it $2,500. Subtract $80 dollars for your personalized label cost, and your total profit for your fundraiser would be $2,420.

Then, it's our turn!

We get to fill your order

From the time you send us the order, we will get it back to you in 3 weeks! We will make sure it is delivered on time, and will triple-check to make sure everything is right, according to the order information.

Are you interested?

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